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Mix Morning Show w/Mike & Patti5:30 - 10aMonday - FridayMichael McDonnal & Patti Banner
Middays10 - 12pMonday - FridayMichael McDonnal
Afternoons12 - 6pMonday - FridayStacey Brooks
Evenings6 - MidnightMonday - Friday John Tesh
John Tesh Weekends6 - 9aSaturdayJohn Tesh
Talent Bios

Michael McDonnal

Mon-Fri 10am-12pm

Michael J. McDonnal

Born 1963, Corvallis, Oregon. (yes, I’m a Beaver)

Graduated 1981 Aloha High, Beaverton, Or.

Attended Portland Community College, Linn-Benton Community College and Oregon State University.

Radio Station Roll Call:
KLOO-KFAT, Corvallis,Or. (DJ/News-Sports Director)
KLYC McMinnville,Or. (color commentary Linfield football)
KXPC Lebanon, Or. (DJ)
KGAL/KSHO Lebanon, Or. (morning show host-Sports Director)
Then I found my home at KONA-AM & KONA-FM Mix105.3

FUN TIMES (hobbies etc.):

Being with the love of my life-Jenifer

Patti Banner

Greetings!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to get to know you better.  I’ve been in the Tri-Cities for a couple of years now & am glad to have landed at Mix 105.3!  I love working with Mike on the Mix Morning Show & every morning brings a true surprise, for sure.  What can I tell you about me?  Here goes:

Favorite Food..Tacos & burritos & pickles!

Favorite Color…Pink.

Favorite Movie…The Wizard Of Oz & Silence Of The Lambs.

Favorite Song…Mandy, by Barry Manilow, Baby Blue, by George Strait, & anything on Mix 105.3.

First car…1981 Plymouth Champ.

Sign…Pisces, birthdate is March 16th…the day before St. Patrick’s Day, thus my name, Patti.

I have two cats…Kenny & Stacy.  Oh yeah, I have a husband, Jeff, too.

I love craft shows, working out, & finding a great bargain. That’s right!  I am a bargain shopper & love watching Extreme Couponing!  If you know of a great deal that I may be interested in, please feel free to hit me up at:  pbanner@cherrycreekmedia.com.  I’d LOVE to hear from you!!


Stacey Brooks



Each weekday at 3:35pm, Stacey will play a sound clip of a celebrity, if you know who it is, call the MIX HOTLINE at (509) 545-1822. The 1st correct caller through, wins a great prize!


We always hear the rumors out of Hollywood but never know what to believe. Well Stacey does the investigating and lets you know whether the rumor is So True or So False weekdays at 4:35pm.


Every weekday at 5:45, we gotta check in on that DAILY MIX and your 3 oh so random facts for that day!  3 completely useless, yet useful bits of information, that is THE DAILY MIX weekday afternoons during THE DRIVE HOME!

John Tesh

Sunday-Friday 7p-midnite

Saturday 6am-9am

Our radio show researchers scour bookshelves & scan the web for the most reliable, relevant Intelligence For Your Life. Not only can you hear it on the show, but we share it on Tesh.com!

With an impressive career that spans more than 25 years, John Tesh is known worldwide as a leading and respected figure in the entertainment and broadcasting industries. After 10 years as co-host of “Entertainment Tonight,” he surprised many by leaving the highly visible position to pursue his career as a fulltime musician. For generations music and media have gone hand in hand and Tesh has conque

red both brilliantly through numerous media, music and creative formats, as one of the most successful syndicated radio show hosts in the country with Intelligence For Your Life Radio: With Your Host John Tesh, his new musical endeavor, ALIVE music&dance and even a new book.

The six-time Emmy winning radio and television host and Grammy nominated musician offers up his ‘on-the-air’ brand of life-coaching with new DVD & CD projects and his second book, Intelligence for Your Life: Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth.

In his book, Intelligence for Your Life (Thomas Nelson, Inc.), Tesh uplifts and inspires readers to find the deepest desires of their hearts, create a plan for pursuing their dreams, overcome crippling fears and inspire those around them.

But Intelligence for Your Life is more than a guide to informed living; it is also a memoir. Tesh shares his own story here, revealing the passions that have driven him and given shape to his extraordinary professional and personal life, and how he’s implemented the tools that he talks about on The John Tesh Radio Show every day.

“I like to call it ‘purpose-driven radio,’” says Tesh of his award- winning daily and weekly show that is heard on over 300 stations nationwide by more than 8 million people. Listeners tune into the syndicated show each week to hear him warmly impart in-depth “intelligence for your life” – tips on how to earn your boss’s trust, fight jet lag, get out of debt, find your life’s calling or even discover the power of prayer.

“Planting seeds and encouraging people with the program and my music is a method with which I am truly comfortable,” says Tesh. “‘Music and Intelligence For Your Life’ is a safe haven for family listening. Children, men and women of all ages can gain something from the show.”

With his staff of 10 full-time researchers, Tesh has uncovered a wealth of practical information and life-changing choices throughout the years. He now combines that knowledge with some incredible personal experiences for this first book in what promises to be a successful ongoing series.

If you follow his career, it becomes obvious that music has always been Tesh’s main passion. Three of Tesh’s releases, A Deeper Faith, Christmas Worship and Power of Love all resided on the Billboard Pop and Christian Music charts and Power of Love was nominated for a 2003 Grammy for “Best Pop Instrumental Album.” With the release of A Deeper Faith 2 and his book “The Power of Prayer and Worship,” Tesh solidified his reputation as an artist not only providing excellent music, but creating projects deep from his heart that “mean” something, making a difference in this world. His acclaimed, family- friendly CD and DVD, Red Rocks Platinum, was also a hit national television special and Tesh’s first Live At Red Rocks concert from 1993 was a best selling and RIAA Gold-certified CD.

Tesh’s talent, charisma and brilliant musicianship first took PBS by storm with LIVE AT RED ROCKS and that success quickly gave the former Entertainment Tonight anchor a solid fan base to showcase his musical talents. Concert audiences will once again have the opportunity to experience Tesh’s energy, which he first displayed on PBS, with a new inspiration and reflection of where culture blends with his renewed musical passion!

Now, more than a decade later, Tesh seems to have reinvented himself through these compelling new projects. As a television host, recording artist, music director, author and syndicated radio show host – John Tesh has explored and succeeded in all of these facets of the entertainment industry. With three gold albums and a career that includes six Emmys, two Grammy nominations, an Associated Press Award for investigative journalism, a Keyboard Magazine Award, several number one radio hits, three hit PBS specials and two tours as an Olympic announcer/composer; it’s obvious that Tesh has a drive for versatility.

Tesh lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Connie Sellecca, and his sixteen-year old daughter Prima. For more information on “everything Tesh,” please visit:  http://www.tesh.com/




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